Monkey Warfare

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Directed by: Reg Harkema

Synopsis: In his third film, director Reg Harkema transplants Jean-Luc Godard’s La Chinoise to a ramshackle house in Toronto, where bohemians Dan (Don McKellar) and Linda (Tracy Wright) eke out an existence scavenging in garbage dumps and rummaging through yard sales for undervalued objects. Their evenings are spent getting listlessly baked and staring silently into space.

But as the film opens, tragedy strikes: their dealer has been busted.

Enter the enigmatic young Susan (Nadia Litz), a winsome hipster who rescues Dan from the perils of sobriety by offering him organically-grown BC bud. Her arrival re-invigorates Dan, and he clumsily tries to seduce her with counterculture memorabilia. Still, there’s an air of mystery about her. As the couple grows accustomed to their newfound guest, the relationships among the three change. Dan and Linda function - sometimes simultaneously - as parents, confidantes and mentors, while Susan acts as both temptress and conscience. And she’s not the only one with secrets.

Production Company: New Real Films

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