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Directed by : Ole Christian Madsen

Synopsis : Danish husband and wife, Christoffer (Mads Mikkelsen) and Maja (Stine Stengade), as they travel from Denmark to the Czech Republic to bring home the body of Christoffer’s late father. Despite the proximity of the two countries, the couple may as well be on another planet. A request for an electrical adaptor results in a maid appearing with an ironing board; every official Christoffer meets commiserates with him at great length about his loss, despite the fact that he hadn’t spoken to his estranged father in years and still harbours intense feelings of resentment towards him. As they move from one nightmarish, bureaucratic misadventure to the next - becoming embroiled in a kind of cultural surrealism - it grows increasingly clear that the pair has their own baggage. And their secrets have far more after-effects than any cultural differences they encounter.

Production Company : Nimbus Film Productions ApS/Zentropa Productions

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