Summer Palace

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Directed by: Lou Ye
Synopsis: The word “romanticism” doesn’t exist in Chinese; its translation is simply a phonetic transcription of the English. But Summer Palace dwells in such close proximity to the very essence of romanticism that its concentration of visual and emotional solicitations forces the viewer to feel - more than understand - the Sturm und Drang tossing the passionate, desperate lives of its young protagonists.

The emotional education of beautiful Yu Hong (Hao Lei) starts in her hometown of Tumen, near the border with North Korea, when she loses her virginity just before leaving to attend Beijing University. It continues as she falls madly in love with fellow student Zhou Wei (Guo Xiaodong). Their mounting crescendo of eroticism and sexually charged euphoria unfolds amid the grim corridors of the university dormitory and in the dark Beijing streets. And it seems that her awakening will never end, even when their relationship is tainted by dangerous games, and when all around them students begin to demonstrate, demanding democracy and freedom.
Production Company: Laurel Films

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