La Tourneuse de pages

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Directed by: Denis Dercourt
Synopsis: This is an elegant, delectable film, made with an icy froideur. La Tourneuse de pages features an absolutely stunning performance by Déborah François, who turned heads in L’Enfant, last year’s Palme d’Or-winning film from the Dardenne brothers, where she played the put-upon young mother to perfection. Denis Dercourt’s film is its polar opposite - a cool, precise and beautifully controlled meditation on a young woman’s obsessive desire to confront a defining moment from her past.

The film opens on young, impressionable Mélanie (Julie Richalet), nervously appearing in front of an examination board for her entrance to the Conservatory. While she is cautiously picking out the notes of a piece she has endlessly practised, her concentration is interrupted by the thoughtless behaviour of the jury’s chair, a famous concert pianist. She stumbles badly and her audition quickly turns into a disaster. Her dream destroyed, Mélanie puts the piano behind her.
Production Company: Diaphana Films/France 3 Cinéma/Les Films à un Dollar

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