Unnatural & Accidental

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Directed by: Carl Bessai
Synopsis: Separated from their communities, many Aboriginal men and women live on the fringes, exiles in their own land, and as a result have fallen prey to the most unsavoury aspects of society. This problem is especially acute for Aboriginal women, and nowhere is the problem more evident or more wilfully ignored than in Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside, an area dominated by the drug and sex trades. The dire extent of the problem became glaringly evident several years ago when news of a serial killer who had murdered dozens of Vancouver prostitutes over the course of many years made international headlines. Many of his victims were Aboriginal women and, despite complaints from families and friends, the city’s police department had done little to investigate their disappearances.

This catastrophic situation is the subject of Carl Bessai’s dark and courageous Unnatural & Accidental, based on a play by celebrated Métis playwright Marie Clements. The film begins with thirty-something Rebecca (Carmen Moore) being told by her dying father that her mother, Rita (Tantoo Cardinal), is still alive and living on the Eastside. She sets out to find her mother, unaware that Norman (Callum Keith Rennie), a psychopathic killer, is preying on Aboriginal women.
Production Company: Raven West Films Ltd.

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