Hula Girls

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Directed by: Lee Sang-il

Synopsis: Based on a true story, the engaging Hula Girls tells the tale of a wonderful mission impossible. Winking coyly in the direction of Hollywood’s tales of lovable underdogs beating the odds, Lee’s film maintains a strong artistic identity while still delivering a genuinely moving experience destined to conquer the audience’s heart.

It is 1965 and Mary Quant’s miniskirts have not yet reached the remote town of Joban, but exciting, new changes are definitely blowin’ in the wind. With the end of the Korean War, the enormous demand for coal has dropped significantly and the golden years for the Joban Coal Mining Company are drawing to a close. Will the town survive the massive layoff of its workers? Will the dream of transforming the sooty mines into a lavish spa resort come true?

The answers rest in the capable hands of Joban’s women. Moved to help their town out of an economic crisis, they will abandon all prejudices and, slowly but steadily, learn the hula dance, the ancient Hawaiian language of love and prosperity. Under the expert and strict training of the terribly out-of-place - and terribly fashionable - Madoka Hirayama (Yasuko Matsuyuki), who comes from Tokyo, they will learn to swing their hips and assemble an amazing hula show.

Production Company: Cine Qua Non

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